Rakowitz Family Talk Page

Working to keep the family connected!

The Rakowitz Family Talk email group was created for family, descendants, relatives and friends of the late A.A (Albin) and Rosie Yendry Rakowitz as a means to continue and promote communications, easily share joys, concerns and events with the entire group. 

How Do I Join the Email Group?

Membership is firmly limited to known relatives and friends.

If I don't recognize your relationship to the family I will not add you to the group.  And, I can not always figure out who you are based on your email address. 

Step 1: Send me an email using the email icon on the bottom right of this page (if you don't see the icon, tap the menu on the upper right) and let me know how you are related or connected to the Rakowitz family and that you would like to join the email group.

Step 2:  Use the link below to request joining the email group. Please provide both your email address and name where requested!


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      Can you add cousin Vinny to this email thing?
A:      I will not add anyone who does not personally request joining - technically, that would make me a SPAMMER by sending them unsolicited mail and nobody likes SPAM!
However, you can ask cousing Vinney to visit www.rakowitz.cc (this page),
OR you can click this link and sign him up 
If you do sign up other people, please let them know they will be receiving an email asking them to confirm that they wish to join the group.

Q:     How do I get off of this group thing?
A:     Use this link to remove yourself from the email group   http://rakowitz.cc/mailman/listinfo/talk_rakowitz.cc 

Q:     What is a Batched Daily Digest?
A:     If you select to receive a Batched Daily Digest, you will receive a single message daily that contains all messages sent from that day.  You can make changes to your settings here:   http://rakowitz.cc/mailman/listinfo/talk_rakowitz.cc 

Q:      Where is the "Rakowitz Clan" located?
A:      Most of our immediate and extended family members are located in central and south Texas.  Some are scattered a bit farther.  Yes, we do live in God's country!